How to Keep Yourself Motivated Learning Chinese.

One of my program students from SMART Mandarin Academy asked me a very good question today, which is " How to be motivated learning Chinese?".

Keeping yourself motivated especially when studying a foreign languages on your own is definitely not easy.

Here I have 5 ways to keep you motivated learning Mandarin Chinese!

One: Remember Your Why

Always remember the reason why you want to learn Mandarin in the first place.

What's your goal learning this language?

And don't forget to pat on your shoulder once in a while to remind yourself that

you've been doing a good job learning! 加油!

Two : Listen to some Chinese songs

Find some Chinese songs with lyrics or Pinyin that you can sing along with. Just for fun!

You don't need to really understand the meaning of the song or lyrics,

just follow the melody and the sound of Mandarin.

If you want to learn the words or lyrics from Chinese songs, do it when you feel like it!

** Songs and movie list for learning Chinese

Three: Combining Other Passions with Mandarin Chinese

If you have other hobbies, try to combine your interests with Mandarin Chinese.

For example: If you like cooking, try to watch some cooking shows in Mandarin,

learn some cooking food and vegetable Chinese vocabulary.

If you like watching movies, look for some Chinese movies or TV dramas.

If you like doing Yoga, watch some Yoga videos on YouTube in Mandarin Chinese!

Four: Find someone who already gets the results you want

There are many YouTubers or volggers who journal how they study Mandarin or practice speaking Mandarin through YouTube channel or having a Mandarin speaking YouTube channel.

You can watch their videos as an inspiration and even learn from them!

Remember! If they can do it, you can do it too!

Five : Just Take a Break

There is a saying in Mandarin : 休息是為了走更長遠的路。

Taking a break is for a longer journey in the future.

Don't feel guilty for taking a break from learning Mandarin.

It takes a great deal of brain power to learn a foreign languages!

Your brain, body and mind need a break so you can come back stronger!!

I hope those five tips help you of being motivated learning Mandarin Chinese.

I've made a list of movies, songs, and famous YouTube channel

for learning Mandarin Chinese with joy!

Click HERE and check out the fun sheet resources to be more motivated

learning Mandarin!

SMART Mandarin- Katrina Lee