SMART Mandarin Academy Walkthrough

In this video, we're going to show you what's really inside this program!

Meet Our Students

Why Our Students Choose SMART Mandarin ?
A message from our American student, Mark Bansemer

  1. Lots of content.

2. Excellent presentation skills, including perfect cadence and amount of repetition.

3. Well organized. Videos plus downloadable PDFs.

4. Excellent explanations of real world expressions and/or slang.

5. Differentiation of terms between Mainland China and Taiwan.

6. Presentation of traditional and simplified chinese along with pinyin and english.

7. Your genuine passion for teaching and having excellent English skills.

8. Your adventurous spirit with the courage to try new things and be different.

9. Your energy level including follow-up with students. 

10. Your collaboration with others, including teachers and students.


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